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Perks And Benefits All Frequent Business Travelers Should Get

 Perks And Benefits All Frequent Business Travelers Should Get

A 12-hour flight, a few hours of broken sleep and then a series of grueling 14-hour days with company teams and clients. 

Welcome to the world of the hyper-traveler. For many executives, such long-haul business trips are an occasional need. But for the hyper-traveler, it is a way of life., companies rely on their globally-mobile staff to generate business and to solve problems. And not surprisingly, that kind of pressure comes at a price.


The impact of ‘traveler friction’

“Business travelers provide an essential link between two different worlds – headquarters and teams in the field,” says Didier Dumont, President, Mobility & Expense at Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services. “But the task is physically and mentally demanding. The days are long, as there is always a need to make the most of your time – and the company’s investment in the trip. So, the corporate travel policy is really important.” Along with the extended hours, other aspects of ‘traveler friction’ wear people down – such as travel booking, re-booking and ticketing, let alone the crumpled piles of expense receipts.

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