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Five reasons to create a compelling Personal Brand...

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 Leadership Insights: Priyanka Anand, Vice President and Head of Human Resources, Ericsson India Global Services

Leadership Insights: Priyanka Anand, Vice Presiden...

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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council comprises select HR influencers and thought leaders who will lead the CHRO community and guide its agenda.
Role of Advisory Council:
  1. Comprises senior members from the HR and workplace engagement industry.
  2. The Advisory Council will give direction to the topics of discussion of CHRO community given their vast and varied experience.
  3. Quarterly meetings to debate current issues/ topics of interest.
  4. Mentor other members and make this a robust community.
Selection of the Advisory Council:
Advisory Council members are selected through a process of nominations by senior professionals. The selection criteria being the rich industry experience of the names suggested and the diverse experience in terms of roles helmed at various leading organizations of India. Paul Writer and Sodexo India reserve the right of admission to this prestigious council.
Privileges of being An Advisory Council Member
  1. Be the guiding light and influencer of the growing India CHRO Forum.
  2. Profile to be featured on India CHRO Forum website
  3. Your interview/ thought leadership piece to be featured on the website.
  4. Be on the jury for HROs Top 100 initiative.
  5. Privileged access to India CHRO Forum content, social media presence and other activities planned for the forum.
  6. Peer networking opportunity.
  7. Special access to all initiatives designed for India CHRO Forum.
  8. Time commitment is envisaged to be 12 hours a year, though mentors are welcome to contribute more.