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Generations Aren’t Dividing The Workforce – Stereotypes Are!

 Generations Aren’t Dividing The Workforce – Stereotypes Are!

Popular media tells us that today’s workplace, with four generations – soon to be five – working side by side, stands divided by generational differences. To help us decide once and for all if there is any truth to these claims, Karine Lienhard, Vice President Marketing at Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services, gave us an inside look at a recent Sodexo study and longtime generational expert and Director of Wharton School’s center for human resources, Peter Cappelli, chimed in as well.


Where is the common ground?


We hear it often: Millennials are spoiled and entitled; Gen Xers are skeptical and negative; Baby boomers live for their jobs; Technology is lost on Traditionalists. While it can be easy to accept these sweeping generalizations, when we take a closer look, we find that generations have a lot in common – especially in terms of their quality of life expectations in the workplace.


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