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The Indian enterprise and the overall industrial scenario in India has drastically transformed itself in the last 10 years, and all for good.......


The risk taking appetite in Indians has gone considerably up and now we see many individuals to shun their highly paying Global Jobs to invest time and starting enterprise based on ideas which are closer to their hearts, in other means exercising freedom to do what they can and they want do the best, and yes it’s not only just what they can do best but also how part of it.


As we are Celebrating the Independence week in India, an important aspect is to look at this transformation in people’s expectations and the way of thinking at the real workplace, where they still operate under a thin or many times defined boundary, and where and how the freedom actually gets actioned for such individuals.


For me, the freedom at workplace for a typical employee gets executed at three different levels, and they are


Level 1


  1. The strategic goals and the path that an organisation has to undertake is generally decided by the top management ( with or without participation of employee, which means GET Employees perspective , then Give employees your perspective ) but once it is finalised every employee needs to be committed and aligned to these goals , individual employees can make either of the two choices here
  2. Be aligned to Organisational goals and Join the transformation journey and do his / her bit
  3. or look for other opportunities which are more suited and aligned to their career goals


Freedom in no way means the Organisation doing X and I Doing Y, if it is , it will be a disaster


 For me , freedom for an employee starts here when s/he makes a choice on above.


 Level 2


If they are aligned, the next freedom action needs to be practiced which is


  1. Do I follow the defined SOPs ( Standard Operating Process) or
  2. I defy the set process and do things what i want to or follow my own steps but achieve the results


The above freedom is very situational and context specific and can work in some situation don’t work in other, for ex for highly regulated environment like pharma poin1 is a must, whereas media or advertising agency point 2 works best


 Level 3


At this level of freedom we decide whether we give importance to end or to means , we all can achieve results one way or the other but by what means ? at the time of execution, we are free to choose the values through which we can deliver the results, for ex do we respect people / others for their contribution, do we value knowledge, do we commend and celebrate achievement?


 In the end its an individual who exercises their discretion (oh sorry has the freedom to choose) at each of these levels, to deliver great experience and create their own brands, choice is our to choose what experiences we want to deliver to people around us,


 All the best to us in the way we exercise our freedom!


The Views Expressed Here Are Personal Of The Author And Not Representative Of The Organization In Any Way. 


Profile: Arjun Singh Is Vice President & HR Head - Global R&D At Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.


Publsihed With Permission.