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Indian Women – A Journey From “Job” to “Career”

 Indian Women – A Journey From “Job” to “Career”

There was a time when women took up jobs for supplemental family income. Slowly and gradually women started to move towards having a career, but “calls” were still taken by the extended family members and/ or situations directed their decisions. Careers could take a back seat depending on other’s needs, or,  women on their own felt guilty and gave it up somewhere in between. Though we have a long way to go evidences of change can be seen today.

How long can we ignore 50% of our population? Women either on their own or by the virtue of situations in the corporate and socio-economic set up are getting into serious business. They are no more entrepreneurs who are scions of the business class and thus getting inducted into boards but are setting up their own boards.

Let us look at some of the characteristics that make the women entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, sports person, soldiers, artists, actors (the list can go on) successful :

1) Leadership

Years of research have shown that women make better managers due to their high EQ (Emotional Quotient) levels. This is being further substantiated by the success of women on top and by success of the organizations led by them. Better understanding of people due to high EQ also generates high level of trust and loyalty.

2) Faith

Women tend to work with higher level of faith and self-belief. Modelling these characteristics leads to the desired behaviour of effective teams.

3) Passion

Passion is one of the most important ingredient of success in any profession. What distinguishes between ” also ran” and “the winner” is passion. Women in their quest to explore careers are also focussing on what they are passionate about and are building careers out of it.

4) The Balancing Act

In India family still remains a priority of women and women being the best jugglers that they could be have been playing the balancing role effectively.

5) Persistence

With passion, high EQ and leadership abilities and balancing between home and work emerges a sense of purpose. Women with their high level of internal coherence seem to be more persistent in following and delivering their dreams.

Women over time are proving to be more and more effective in their tasks at hand and evolution of their roles has proved it beyond the point of doubt.

Taking a coherent view of the thoughts mentioned above does leave us with a trail of thought since each of these positives also have another side to them. To look at the other side we will connect in my next write up.

Published with permission from author.