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Delivering Solutions that Encourage High Performance

 Delivering Solutions that Encourage High Performance


One of the largest Insurance companies in India spread across 1450+ cities. A market leader and professionally driven with market share of over 70%. The Customer was looking for innovative solutions to motivate their employees for higher performance.


Solution by Sodexo: Meal Benefit Solution supported by Customized Network


  • Sodexo Meal Solution offered greater choice, flexibility and motivation to the Employees.
  • Integrated Web ordering Solution was designed that offered great convenience of ordering online to over 2250 offices spread across 1450+ cities across India.
  • Sodexo customized the Affiliate Network based on the choice of outlets given by the employees, in over 1000 cities, many of them remote towns and distant locations.


With an aim to enhance employee performance and productivity, the client offered variable Meal voucher amount to the employees. The eligibility was based on the on time office attendance and certain performance parameters for the month.



This really motivated the employees to do their best to get added meal benefits every month, and this served the organisation’s purpose well. Sodexo received monthly orders from the client offices across India with diverse requirements based on employee eligibility. Sodexo personalized and customized all the voucher booklets with the individual employee's name to suit the requirements. Sodexo also integrated its ordering system with the client's systems for seamless process and smooth delivery.


The Results

For almost 3 years now, Employees are really happy with the service and to get vouchers of the amount that has been adjusted year on year for inflation. Employees are using these vouchers for getting healthy meals and are really motivated to give their best performance. Over the years, this program has really met the aspirations of the employees and expectations of the management for better employee engagement and performance.


Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services can be implemented in various innovative ways to recognize employees and partners for their contribution e.g. Employee Benefits, Performance Incentives, Gifting on Festivals, Birthdays & Anniversary, Channel Partner Incentives, Consumer Promotions and much more. The above is one example of a win-win solution for all the stakeholders.


Publsihed with permission from Engage Sodexo Newsletter, Issue 1. 


Disclaimer: The content for this newsletter has been provided by Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd. (D&B India) in collaboration with Sodexo SVC India and the intellectual property rights rest with both D&B India and Sodexo SVC India. The information in this newsletter is compiled from various sources including company announcements, media reports and other secondary sources. While D&B India and Sodexo SVC India endeavor to ensure accuracy of information contained in this publication, they do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any person resulting from reliance on it.